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    Check your plugins. One may be affecting the images.

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    You can use the wp_footer() action hook. It’s located just before the </body> tag.

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    It would look better if centered. remove margin on the text-widget and add text-align: center;

    another great place to put that ad instead of the header is in the graphene_before_content-main

    which appears just below the menu.

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    Does this happen when using any other theme?

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    Adding this should remove the space.

    #secondary-menu ul .menu-item-ancestor > a {
    padding-right: 15px;

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    Thanks, ronangelo. I’ve never scrolled down far enough to even see that option. VERY handy; however, thus far the arrows are still there. From my experience, though, many times changes take a while to actually go through. I cleared my cache, so I’ll wait & see.

    I can already see the changes on your site.

    but why didn’t you add the padding-left: 10px;?

    Without it the menu items that have sub-menus looks pushed to the left when you hover on them.

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    Go to your WordPress dashboard.

    Appearance -> Graphene Options -> Display -> Custom CSS

    #header-menu > .menu-item-ancestor > a {
    background: none;
    padding-left: 10px;

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    I would never have guessed – I was expecting to have to use Java or JQuery or something.

    Great, thanks for the steer – I’ll have a look at Son of Suckerfish 🙂



    If you wanted to. Some themes use JS to show some fancy dropdown effects.

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    That IS done with CSS.

    First you use CSS to initially hide the sub-menu.

    Then CSS is also used to show the sub-menu when the parent menu is hovered.

    Formatting the menu is actually the major headache I faced when I created my very first theme.

    Graphene uses the “Son of Suckerfish” method for handling the dropdown.

    You can study how its done by reviewing graphene’s style.css

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