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    Hi everyone,

    The problem I get, it takes along time. It is about adding some application scripts which are related to third party websites. When I try to add them into functions.php file in my child theme, I get that classical warning about ” ….Cannot modify header …..sent by (outsourced of …../child-theme/functions.php 12…14…etc ) … /wp-icludes/pluggable.php 880 …. ” . And then I can’t log into my wp-admin !

    Anyway…when I try to contact to my host provider, they told me that cause of my theme. So, I am here to get the right solution. BTW, I try to complete and solve that solution whether if there is an opening before or at the end of ( <?php , <?). So, it didn’t help me.

    I hope, I don’t do anything false…because as far as I know, I should put those kind of codes in functions.php. Well, some codes should be added before <head> or <body> tags and so on. Or not ??!

    Because of this problem, I can’t use some applications properly.

    Well,maybe I wrote a little confusing..but this is my case too… 🙂 So,could anyone help me please ?

    Ohhh… site is :



    Where do you want to put your scripts? If it is before the closing </head> tag, you can just go to Graphene Options –> Advanced and throw your code in Custom <head> tags region.



    Thank you Prasanna…. Could you tell me also if it should be before the </body> tag, where I have to put the code ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    It depends on the scripts. Some go in the <head> element, and some parts get added to the <body> tag, and some scripts need to go into a text widget. So it depends on what kind of script you have.



    Thanks Kenneth, I had asked that, in child theme where I have to put the script code which should be inserted before the </body> tag ?



    You can use the wp_footer() action hook. It’s located just before the </body> tag.



    I get this error always when I click on my dashboard-widgets and gaphene options ;

    ” Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …. /public_html/wp-content/themes/graphene-child/functions.php:12) in ….. /public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 880 “

    I had installed a quantcast code in my childtheme functions.php file.So, I deleted it but it still appears at me ! The weird thing in this matter, when I delete quantcast code, then on my website disappears another application by another site ( SiteLock Seal ).

    Can anyone help me, please ?


    Kenneth John Odle

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …. /public_html/wp-content/themes/graphene-child/functions.php

    The infamous “Cannot modify header information” error message in WordPress is usually caused by having characters (a space, a line return) before the opening <?php tag or after the closing ?> php tag. Take those out, reupload the functions.php file, and you should be good.


    function graphene_custom_header_width(){
    return 1165;
    function graphene_custom_header_height(){
    return 99;
    add_filter('graphene_header_image_width', 'graphene_custom_header_width');
    add_filter('graphene_header_image_height', 'graphene_custom_header_height');
    <!-- Quantcast Tag -->


    This is what I have in my function.php. But this works well for a long time,actually since I changed the header image. So, where is the problem in this ? Could you make it clearer for me please ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    There should be nothing after the closing ?> tag, or you will get this message. So everything after that (quantcast, etc.) must go.

    Scripts do not go in the functions file. It is, by definition, for functions.

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