Can't find the right action hook! Ad above header

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    My ad banner (placed in a text widget) looks horrible right now because it’s alligned to the left as default and its position is dependant on the size of the screen…

    I placed the widget in the advanced action hook “Container before”. For some reason I cannot use the “margin-right “command and I can only move it to the left…

    I tried other action hooks, but ‘social feed icon’, ‘social profiles’, ‘top search’ and top bar’ do not work for me as I disabled the top bar.

    If I use margin-top for header action hook and lower the container it just disappears the widget…

    Can someone please help?



    It would look better if centered. remove margin on the text-widget and add text-align: center;

    another great place to put that ad instead of the header is in the graphene_before_content-main

    which appears just below the menu.

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