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    Try using the widget called ‘Graphene Header Menu’. It puts a widget between the head and the menu.

    I just tested it on one of my sites:
    Not sure how long I will keep it there, but it seems to work OK.

    You use Graphene Options, Advanced, Action Hooks Widget Areas, header.php and then tick “graphene_header_menu” to activate it.

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    I’ve just updated one of my sites to Graphene 2.0.4 from, and ouch.

    It looks so different, and the site identity title, which was right aligned, is now centered, underneath the Graphene Header widget, and can’t be seen now.

    Not sure yet, how much else is changed.

    I am not updating my other sites yet..

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    Forget that …. After answering someone elses post about delayed viewing of changes, I realised my problem was the cache I also have activated.

    I checked my sites again just now, and they all work OK, with no website option on comments, now that my cache period has expired…

    waterph. According to your source code, you are using WP-Super-Cache.

    The settings you have for this, will mean that any changes do not get seen until your cached pages setting has expired.

    I had my cache settings at 24 hours once, so no changes I made would be seen until the end of that 24 hour period.

    You need to delete cache in the settings when you make changes to reset your cache, and see the changes immediately.

    yoursitename.x /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wpsupercache

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    I have Akismet, and that works well for a lot of general spam, but the spammers are getting clever, and I think that the website URL put in the comment box box for websites may not be checked by aklismet.

    That is the one I want to cut out now. And I actually just want that field removed as it serves no purpose.

    I did find something yesterday, adding some code into the graphene themes functions.php. It removed the field, but when I tried it on a another of my sites, it didn’t do the same thing. That puzzled me. It would be great to have an option in the theme to have the website bit as an option.

    This was the code I used

    add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'url_filtered');
    function url_filtered($fields)
    return $fields;

    I re-installed both again, but no change. I just left it for now though. Other sites with the same versions are OK, even on the same host service.

    I’ve upgraded another of my sites today, to WP4.0, and that one does NOT have the same problem.

    So I guess it must be a theme file change in some way, although that first one is a very basic install. I will try to do a WP update and a Theme re-install again, just in case it went wrong.

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    Thank you, I added this to CSS, and it worked fine

    #graphene-dynamic-widget-graphene_before_post_content .widget_text {
    position: relative;
    float: right;

    Glad I could help 🙂

    I have been puzzled about pages with and without sidebars though, but have done all my testing on posts.

    I have just realised that PAGES have the option for those Templates, while POSTS do not. I need to find a way to get that same option onto posts, then I can use the CSS that you have shared here.

    We both gain 🙂 Thanks

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