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    Guys, this is urgent. Please help me. My task’s due date is in a few hours and I badly need to fix this issue right now, hope you guys can help me. Anyhow, my concern is, how do I put a widget or customized HTML widget below the header and above the top or header menu? Please help me. Been working on this for days and still I could not work it out. Thanks. My ideal outcome would be something like from this site I mean look at the header then the ad afterwards, then below it is the menu. It’s like the ad is being sandwiched. How can we guys make this happen? Thanks.



    Try using the widget called ‘Graphene Header Menu’. It puts a widget between the head and the menu.

    I just tested it on one of my sites:
    Not sure how long I will keep it there, but it seems to work OK.

    You use Graphene Options, Advanced, Action Hooks Widget Areas, header.php and then tick “graphene_header_menu” to activate it.

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