Issues with new version of theme

  • johni33


    Since updating to the new version it has radically changed the look of my site.
    some of the changes I can work round but I’d like to have a darker background to the post title and can’t see how to do that.
    Also the slider no longer displays the post title or seems to be able to link to the post as it did before, can these things be restored?




    It’s made a mess of my site too. My google analytics bounce rate has jumped from 3% to 90%. The google ads are buggered. IMHO a step backward in appearance.





    I’ve just updated one of my sites to Graphene 2.0.4 from, and ouch.

    It looks so different, and the site identity title, which was right aligned, is now centered, underneath the Graphene Header widget, and can’t be seen now.

    Not sure yet, how much else is changed.

    I am not updating my other sites yet..



    I had the color of my site title set to make sense for left aligned, and now centered doesn’t look right at all.


    Syahir Hakim


    Please see the following post on how to left-align the header text:

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