Slider Suddenly Stopped Working

  • Wailuku


    Thank you much Syahir! The slider is finally working. After stepping away from it all to clear my very worried and confused head, I tried your suggestions once again and this time it worked. Am so relieved… Many many thanks for all your time and help and great patience. (I see CDN is back online but thanks to you there is no need to depend on them for the slider.)





    You all have been so great! And yes, thank you Syahir! And I guess the point Wailuku mentions, that CDN is back online is precisely the reason my site is working even though I deleted the file! LOL One mystery solved!

    Now all that is left for me is the library issue. This is probably not the correct forum for help on that, but I will leave it open. if anyone has any thoughts how I can clean up the library not working, I will appreciatively listen! Otherwise, thanks for the earlier fix! Cheers 🙂



    I just registered to say THANK YOU for this great and professional support, what a fantastic theme, and what a great support!

    KS, you are my WP Themes Hero 😀



    Help! This fix is still not working for me. I’ve double and triple checked the steps. I can see the slider working on other sites.

    Please advise!

    My site is





    Syahir, I’m at, trying to rate Graphene at support the work as you suggest, but I can’t figure out how to actually enter my rate. it shows an accumulated rating, but no place for me to click to add mine that I can see. Sometimes clueless here, but can you point me? I’d love to give it 5 stars.


    Kenneth John Odle



    I noticed this a long time ago too, but have not had any luck getting TPTB at WordPress to notice it. I think even Syahir mentioned it to them a while ago and nothing.

    You’re right — it’s extremely frustrating. I’ll try contacting them again.



    I might just be plain dumb or blind… not quite sure.

    I’ve successfully added the js to the js folder under >themes>graphen>js, however, I cannot, for the life of me, find the theme-scripts.php file. I’ve looked in every folder but at no avail. Am I missing it or does it not exist because I’m running through XAMMP? (Need to present to president of company before we get the ok to create…)

    Any help would be appreciated….

    Updated:: just call me blind or a NOOB. Found it… unfortunately, it still doesn’t fix my slider 🙁


    Syahir Hakim


    @carmenj, your slider is working fine here on my end.



    Help! “This fix is still not working for me. I’ve double and triple checked the steps. I can see the slider working on other sites”; says it all for me. There is a jquery-ui folder that includes: jquery.ui.slider.min.js. could this be causing a problem? please help!


    Syahir Hakim


    @gbismarc, accessing this URL ( ) gives me a 404 – Not Found[b], and that is the reason, period. Have you actually created that file?

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