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  • mjackson


    This theme has worked perfectly for me until today, when suddenly the slider stopped displaying content. I deleted my most recent news post, effectively restoring the site to the state it was in when the slider functioned fine. The theme and WordPress have both been updated to their latest versions. Could you offer any insight as to how to correct this issue?

    For the time being, I have removed the slider from my homepage, but it was basically coming up as an empty white box. I can message you my website address if it isn’t in my profile.

    Thank you for your help!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I deleted my most recent news post, effectively restoring the site to the state it was in when the slider functioned fine.

    It’s kind of hard to guess at what is wrong when it’s not wrong anymore.

    That said, when did you upgrade Graphene and WordPress? Was the slider working fine for a while (1 to 2 days, at least) after upgrading?

    You can try disabling your plugins temporarily and seeing if that takes care of the problem. Or maybe it was something on that most recent news post…a bit of weird code, perhaps?

    A maintenance release (1.6.1.) for Graphene will be available soon, which may take care of this. Or you could take a look around in the forum to see if there is an answer there.



    The post was standard, so I doubt it was the source of the problem, but I deleted it just for the sake of returning things to their former state. The slider was working a couple of days ago when I last checked the site, but somehow went out of commission between then and today and I only noticed it after my most recent post (just pictures and text). Thinking it might have been an inconsistency with my version of WP and the theme, I updated both after discovering the problem to see if that would fix things. Everything else still works just fine, but the slider, as before, doesn’t want to display any images. The theme code has not been modified, but I hope things will be resolved with your maintenance release as I’m not sure how else to fix this issue. I’ve gone through and disabled all of my plugins but none seem to be causing a conflict.

    Let me know if any other potential fixes come to mind! I’m willing to give you access to my WP backend if you think you may be able to discover the problem there.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Why don’t you try adding a post — just one, with text — and seeing if the slider still works.

    If so, add another one — text and pictures, like before — and seeing if the slider still works.

    If you are using a caching plugin, please disable it.



    I’m having this same problem ever since updating to 1.6



    Tried this to no avail. Both text and images seem to be missing from the slider. I’ve tried changing the slider settings as well — experimenting with options so that it displays no image, etc. No caching plugin. We may try restoring to an earlier save of our you think this is the best option at this point?


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s near (if not downright) impossible to investigate the issue without the faulty slider being there on your site. Can you reinstate it temporarily so that we can take a look?



    So sorry-appreciate all that you are doing and assisting with this. I have reinstated the slider on my website so do your thing and thank you for all of your work. It is greatly appreciated.



    I have re-instated mine as well but now it isn’t reappearing.


    Kenneth John Odle



    it’s there and working fine. (Latest post is girls’ basketball clinic.)

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