Slider Suddenly Stopped Working

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    Syahir, Thanks for the response – when I initially made this post a few days ago it did not show up in the forum and I thought it didn’t “take”. Otherwise, I would have responded that I found my issue. It had to do with the way that I downloaded the *.js file. I actually downloaded an *.htm file that encapsulated the javascript rather that the “raw” javascript file. Once I figured this out I got it all working.

    Thanks for responding and thanks for the truly amazing theme!



    Unfortunately, I can’t manage with that. I’ve done everything you say in the instructions, but nothing. Should I wait for the next theme update, so as to have the slider again? I am in through bluehost.





    Did you try all the steps provided by Syahir here?:

    Okay folks, seems like quite a number of people are struggling with applying the fix. So I’ve packaged the latest copy of the theme on my development server containing the fix.

    All you need to do is:

    1. Download the latest version of the theme containing the fix:

    2. Switch to the default TwentyEleven theme.

    3. Delete the Graphene theme on your server. Be extra careful NOT to delete your child theme, if you have any. It’s a very good idea to backup your themes now.

    4. Install the latest version you downloaded in step 1 using the Upload method. See this wiki page for detailed instructions.

    5. Activate the Graphene theme again, or your child theme if you have one.



    I have the same problem with my slider. It works on some computers and not others and some browsers and not others. I added the jquery-tools-1.2.5.min.js file and changed the theme-scripts.php but still doesn’t work. Actually, when I changed the theme-scripts.php the slider stopped working on all computers and browsers so I changed it back. My web site is Can you help me?



    Thanks Josh. I tried your method with the zip file and it seems to have fixed my slider. You’re a genius.



    Hi, I keep trying to upload the js file and it will not take under Yahoo small business – web hosting! And it will not upload via the zip uploader! I’m just about to give up on this theme…just to many bugs that I’ve had to deal with!

    celso pedra


    Antes de mais nada gostaria de dizer que este é o melhor tema gratuito entre muitos que testei, mais pela capacidade de customização que pelo designer que infelizmente deixa a desejar. Enfim ele foi muito bom até as imagens do Slider sumirem, me esforçei em ler e entender as 7 paginas de discussões a respeito e não encontrei solução dentro de minha capacidade limitada de entendimendo de linguagens css, php, etc.

    Para substituir o Slider acrescentei um plugin mas ele não direciona para o post. Há uma solução?

    Celso Pedra



    I don’t know what happened but my slider started working again. I disabled it last week and enabled it yesterday, and it’s working! 🙂



    Same problem with my site.

    Slider stop working when I add a Twitter widget (code from twitter site).

    I delete this widget but slider still don’t working…



    I uninstalled the theme.

    I reinstalled the theme using zip

    I active ALL plugins (slider still working)

    I change font and background ( slider still working )

    I change the mode of slider show info ( molten / fusion ) -> slider stop working

    I change slider to horizontal / vertical. Shows info but when I click in a circle to go to another slide, send me to top of the web.

    And there is no way to make slide working…


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