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    When I deactivate All in one WP security (but not touching htaccess), the issue still remains.

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    wp 4.1.1

    Franz Josef 1.0b-r10 (latest automatically updated)

    Server: 8.6 @ win 7

    The issue remains when I change to /arkiv/%post_id% as permalink structure.


    Following plugins:

    All in one wp security (with almost nothing acitved)

    Breadcrumb Nav XT

    Graphene shortcodes


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    Thanks for the hint. I’ve done some more reading and the best for number 1. is to add the parameter rel="author" to the author link. (I’ll check how to do this most nicely.)

    And then I can simply add a link with the correct parameters in the user description. 🙂

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    Good idea. Thanks.

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    I’m not sure I understood your follow-up question, but I can add something regarding the initial question, I think:

    If you use the slider, then under the slider settings in Graphene options, you can indicate what posts should be included or not. If you want to show only some posts, then the easiest way is to create a new post category “FeaturedInSlider”, for instance. Then instruct the slider to only show posts in this category, and next, make sure that the posts you want to show in the slider are included in this category.

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    Go to the page where you edit the post.

    Under the window with the text editor, there may be a box named “Graphene post-specific options”. If it is NOT visible, then you should open the “Screen options” in the upper right corner and put a check-mark next to “Graphene post-specific options”. After this, the box should become visible below. The rest is self-explaining, I hope.

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    It seems he or she already has fixed it, with a large blue /Plan your trip today/ all over the start page… 🙂 So you may probably safely delete this topic 🙂

    Oh, and if it was a question, then it should have been located in the support forum in the first place… 🙂

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    Dear Frym1,

    The “Read more” button is a special function, which is built into WordPress. The idea of it is to make it easy to define how much of a post should be shown on the starting page. When the user clicks this link, he is brought to a page with this particular post. (And the web-browser program will try to scroll so that the location of the cut is visible on the screen.

    If you don’t include the tag –more– in a post, then this button will not show up.

    If you don’t want a button, which links to the rest of the same post, then don’t use the –more– tag.

    If you want to have a link to anything else, then you need to put it there yourself, in the usual way:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Read more on that other page" /></a>

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    But how do I get my Company logo in the topbar and on top of the menu line?

    Include a link to your logo as a feature of the menu in your CSS code.


    I googled a bit, and here’s a page, which describes what you can do:

    I suggest you use CSS to apply a background image to some div element in the header.

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    I made a post on my test site. I got a similar issue, both with Graphene and with Twenty-eleven.

    The problem here is that neither of these themes generates the meta tag for description, where one would typically insert “the excerpt”.

    It should be quite possible to do this in a theme, though. But then one would need to have an opportunity to turn it off, in case some SEO plugin (or similar) is in use.

    Quickest way forward right now would probably be to follow my initial suggestion (a plugin to add meta tags.)

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