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  • Frym1



    Searched forum but unable to find an answer.

    Is it possible to redirect a homepanes readmore button to another page on your website.



    Any suggestions to the above. Tried everything and cannot solve?




    Use custom links.



    Ill try that. Thanks Prasanna




    I have four homepanes on my website that links to that associated page when clicking the Read More button. As mentioned above I am trying to redirect that Read More button to to another page instead. You mentioned using custom links. I have searched forum and web to find a way to do this but am struggling.

    Can you please provide me a little more direction. Please



    Seem to be at a lost cause. Dont know where to start lol. Is there anyone who could give me a little more understanding of if this is achievable?

    Thanks Mark



    Dear Frym1,

    The “Read more” button is a special function, which is built into WordPress. The idea of it is to make it easy to define how much of a post should be shown on the starting page. When the user clicks this link, he is brought to a page with this particular post. (And the web-browser program will try to scroll so that the location of the cut is visible on the screen.

    If you don’t include the tag –more– in a post, then this button will not show up.

    If you don’t want a button, which links to the rest of the same post, then don’t use the –more– tag.

    If you want to have a link to anything else, then you need to put it there yourself, in the usual way:

    <a href="http://mysite.com/thatotherpage.php"><img src="http://mysite.com/images/mybutton.gif" alt="Read more on that other page" /></a>



    Thanks for your help mate.

    The 4 home pages on my static word press site currently point to the 4 individual services pages, when I click the Read more button.

    What I want to do i hide the pages from the navigation bar (done), create a page called services and then have the 4 homepages click to the overall page ‘services’.

    Thanks however it confusing the life out of me.

    Any step by step instructions would be well appreciated.



    Hi frym1 you could try using an exclude page plugin these are available in the plugins section. This will enable you to exclude the pages from your navigation but still allow you to point to them in your home panes through the graphene options, it also does not affect your pages from being viewable in search engines for optimization purposes just simply stops them from being viewable in the navigation menus.


    Syahir Hakim


    Frym1, you can use the post_link filter to programmatically change the link for those four pages to point to the single Services page. You will need a child theme to do this. Are you currently using a child theme? Also, what’s the URL to your site?

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