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    When I want to post a link on Facebook to a post on my blog, the image comes up ok but the text in the description/summary is funky. Steps:

    1: Create/update post on blog

    2: Copy URL into new FB Post

    3: FB Processes it. I see the image but the text has a lot of HTML instead of actual text from the blog post.


    What can I do to clean this up?




    Your site does not provide the meta tag description, so facebook tries to guess (not very successfully).

    Try to get a plugin that will either let you edit the short description, or which will generate the description field on-the-fly.

    Search for “Add meta tags” or “SEO” or something similar.

    EditAdd: Oh, and once Facebook has stored a cached description, it will remember it for others, who try to add exactly the same URL, even after you change the output from your site. So, when experimenting, add a dummy parameter to the end of your URL, when pasting into facebook.

    I usually use: ?a=1 (next time ?a=2 ) 🙂



    So is this a Graphene problem? Or something I need to do with my webserver? There should be a fix somewhere besides adding a plugin, right?




    Hmmm… I’m not sure this is a graphene issue. Is there a video or something at the beginning of the post in your example above? Are you using a plugin to insert the video (if I’m assuming correctly that there is one)?



    I made a post on my test site. I got a similar issue, both with Graphene and with Twenty-eleven.

    The problem here is that neither of these themes generates the meta tag for description, where one would typically insert “the excerpt”.

    It should be quite possible to do this in a theme, though. But then one would need to have an opportunity to turn it off, in case some SEO plugin (or similar) is in use.

    Quickest way forward right now would probably be to follow my initial suggestion (a plugin to add meta tags.)





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