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    how to remove separate settings of messages of Graphene from record (post)? in particular these settings concern slider control.



    Go to the page where you edit the post.

    Under the window with the text editor, there may be a box named “Graphene post-specific options”. If it is NOT visible, then you should open the “Screen options” in the upper right corner and put a check-mark next to “Graphene post-specific options”. After this, the box should become visible below. The rest is self-explaining, I hope.



    so we adjust a post window in the access, and in access of authors at addition of a post of the Graphene control remain. Here in it and a problem



    I’m not sure I understood your follow-up question, but I can add something regarding the initial question, I think:

    If you use the slider, then under the slider settings in Graphene options, you can indicate what posts should be included or not. If you want to show only some posts, then the easiest way is to create a new post category “FeaturedInSlider”, for instance. Then instruct the slider to only show posts in this category, and next, make sure that the posts you want to show in the slider are included in this category.



    I understood now you much 🙂

    that everything was clear, you couldn’t be registered on a site and I think that all you will understand, at creation of record there are slider settings, which to whom aren’t necessary.


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