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  • TobiF


    It’s now possible to have Google include your portrait next to search results that point to your own texts.

    But, in order for this to work, one needs to make sure that a couple of specific REL-links are present:

    1. From each page and from each post a link rel=”author” should point to an “about” page of the author.

    2. From the author page, there should be a link rel=”me” link to the google plus profile of the author

    3. A link from the google profile should point back to the author page.

    (3b the profile should use a decent face photo…)

    This is described here:

    and here:

    1. Should (for the most cases) just be a small addition around line 74 in loop.php, as far as I understand.

    (It should be relevant to use even on a page)

    2. If the user has entered a google plus link in his profile, then number 2 should be an easy addition to the author page.

    Number three, obviously, needs to be done by the user, but somewhere in the profile settings, it would be justified with a short information: “If you add an author verification link to your author page xxxxx in your google+ profile, then your photo may be appended when your texts show up in google search results.”


    Kenneth John Odle


    In the meantime, have you tried adding those codes to Graphene’s <head> option?



    Thanks for the hint. I’ve done some more reading and the best for number 1. is to add the parameter rel="author" to the author link. (I’ll check how to do this most nicely.)

    And then I can simply add a link with the correct parameters in the user description. 🙂

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