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    Deleted the theme’s files and replaced with fresh 1.8.3 files via FTP. It appears to have fixed the problem (haven’t thoroughly tested but at first glance all looks good). I’ve renamed the plugins directory back to plugins and I’ve changed WP_DEBUG from true back to false. If you need any of these reset because you want to do some trouble shooting/diagnostics let me know. Thanks for your help. You can mark this issue resolved if you wish. Craig

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    Can you post a url to the page so we can see the behavior of the pictures in the albums? Everything I’ve clicked on so far looks okay.( I’m just a fellow webdesigne but I know the url might help the experts in here as well.)

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    Sorry for the delay. I was away from computer all weekend travelling. I have gone into the wp-config.php file and changed WP_DEBUG to true. I hope this is what you are requesting as I’ve never used WP_DEBUG before. I appreciate any suggestions you have and, as always, thanks for your time.

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    That’s always the million dollar question. Last time I was in there was Monday but just to find something on the site…I didn’t try and log in. The client was going in to post and she is the one who notified me of the problem. Of course the client says she didn’t do anything :-).

    I renamed the plugins directory as plugins_testing and it doesn’t appear to have changed anything. Still getting the same error. Any ideas you have would be appreciated.

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    Syahir: I ran into this tonight upgrading an old site. I upgraded from WordPress 3.1 and I believe Graphene 1.3. When I had updated all plugins, themes and finally WordPress (in that order) I found that the header was fine on the home page but when I clicked on another page the header shifted to the left and occupied about half of the header space.

    I deleted the header and went to re-upload the image and I’m forced to crop any image to 60×198. The site is I’m working in there right now but if you want access to the site to investigate I don’t mind.

    Thanks for all of your help. Craig

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    Couldn’t get plugin to work. There is a two month old post with no reply in the forum that says there is an issue with WordPress 3.2.1 which I’m running on this site. I don’t want to update to 3.3.1 because I need to document my changes before I update. (Had to change some files to get the embedded font to work.)

    I’ve put the functions.php file back on the server. The configurable tag cloud plugin is still activated if you want to play with that.

    Thanks for your help. Craig

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    I’ve loaded it but it isn’t working so I’m taking a look at some of the code and install and see. If your php code didn’t work and his plugin didn’t work then the problem sort of points to me. I’ll look and if I can’t get it to work I’ll send you the login info.

    FYI while I’m trying to get the plugin working I’ve taken down the function.php file to make sure they weren’t in conflict of each other. I’ll check in again.

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    I have no problem granting you access. How should we do it? I’m

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    Yes. It was your second batch of code that I put in functions.php. Since this is the first time I’ve created functions.php let me include the code so you can see. Maybe some structure is incorrect. Thanks.

    function samefont_ul_tag_cloud($args) {
    $args['largest'] = 12; //largest tag font size
    $args['smallest'] = 12; //smallest tag font size
    $args['format'] = 'list'; //unordered list
    return $args;
    add_filter( 'widget_tag_cloud_args', 'samefont_ul_tag_cloud' );


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    Thanks Prasanna. Actually I have been a bad boy and making changes through the custom css so when you wanted to add to functions.php I bit the bullet and created a child-theme (I’ve matured to that point with six Graphene installations so I should do it the right way.)

    At any rate I’ve created child theme, activated it, added functions.php and added your code (with the prerequisite <?php and ?>) but it doesn’t seem to create the UL. Any ideas? You can see the page at Thanks.

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