Header Image Dimensions 60 x 198?

  • seenuk


    Hello All !

    I am facing the same issue as well. The header width (while uploading an image) is being restricted to 60px width and getting cropped. The website displays the existing images in full width. I upgraded from a older version of Graphene to latest version today.


    Syahir Hakim


    @seenuk, have you tried the suggested actions in this topic?



    I have tried copying the latest theme-setup.php file. Cleared all he “Column width” settings under Display. Still facing the same issue.

    This issue is only during theme setup (when trying to uploading a new header image). The header images I uploaded before upgrade are available at 960×198 and they are displaying OK.


    Syahir Hakim


    @seenuk, would you mind sending me the login details to your WP Admin as well as FTP access to your server so that I can investigate the issue? You can send me the details via the contact form on my site.



    Kenneth. Regret I don’t know how to locate your contact page to provide login credentials. Instead sent them to the email address on your blog. Any success in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Terry



    Hi there,

    Having the same issue, ie, looks like the cropper applies a 60×198 as opposed to 960×198.

    Tried to reset the column width values as indicated – same problem.

    My current header was uploaded with the previous graphene version.

    I have a brand new header that I want to upload but cannot.




    Me again,

    Found the solution here:


    Thank you Prasanna SP!


    Syahir Hakim


    @thespysurfer, the topic you linked to solved the issue, but it’s really doing so by sidestepping the theme’s normal header image options logic.

    I’m keen on investigating this bug and fixing it for all, but try as I may I could not reproduce the issue on my end. Would you mind giving me temporary access to your WP install (FTP and WP Admin) so that I can investigate it further?



    Syahir: I ran into this tonight upgrading an old site. I upgraded from WordPress 3.1 and I believe Graphene 1.3. When I had updated all plugins, themes and finally WordPress (in that order) I found that the header was fine on the home page but when I clicked on another page the header shifted to the left and occupied about half of the header space.

    I deleted the header and went to re-upload the image and I’m forced to crop any image to 60×198. The site is http://www.kimlingsacademy.com. I’m working in there right now but if you want access to the site to investigate I don’t mind.

    Thanks for all of your help. Craig


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