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    Thank you, I did the change below and it seems to work on a normal size screen, problem is for smaller screens, so I am taking the font and additional css back out and leave it standard.

    .header_title, .header_title a, .header_title a:visited, .header_title a:hover {
       font-family: 'Stalemate', cursive;
       font-size: 100px;
       margin-top: -200px;
    .header_desc {
       font-family: 'Stalemate', cursive;
       font-size: 70px;
       margin-top: -55px;   

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    Is this still the right method using GT V2.1.2 ?

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    WP 4.8.3 with GT 2.1.2
    I just upgraded to Collapsing Categories Plugin V2.1 by
    Still when enabling the widget it shows the title but the categories are not showing up. Is there some JS problem?
    See left Menu “COLL CATEGORIES” here

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    in /wp-config.php I commented the line out with WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and now the notice is gone.
    It was already configured in php.ini

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    Thanks, with V2.1.2 it shows “Large” with 900×675

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    I updated to 2.1.2 and I tested from large to small and the white space is gone in all sizes.
    thank you (Sorry I had an appointment and was gone for a couple of hours, I am glad you found the issue)

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    I am again on 2.1.1 not 2.1.1.x

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    That would be great. Glad we were able to find it.

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    Getting better. There are still some screen sizes where there is a small white area.
    I used Chromium and here is what shows when inspecting the page
    With 2.1.1.x

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    When I inspect with FF it tells me the following, It looks like the title is moved with different resolutions
    Header issue

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