Notices when creating a child theme

  • Marcel


    WP 4.8.3
    Graphene V2.0.4

    – Notice: Constant WP_MEMORY_LIMIT already defined in /wp-config.php on line 111
    – Notice: Undefined property: Adsns::$id_base in /wp-content/plugins/widget-options/includes/widgets/extras.php on line 127


    Syahir Hakim


    Those are most likely generated by one or more plugins on your site. Graphene does not define the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT constant. The second notice looks to be caused by the Widget Options plugin.



    Thanks for the feedback, I notified the author of Widget Options plugin
    on the memory limit one that will be harder to find.



    in /wp-config.php I commented the line out with WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and now the notice is gone.
    It was already configured in php.ini



    Hello Syahir,
    Upgraded to WP 4.9.4 with GT V2.3.1, Child Theme Configurator version 2.2.9

    I get the following new Notice, all others are gone

    The theme “Graphene” generated unexpected PHP debug output.
    Notice: Undefined property: Adsns::$id_base in //teawea/wp-content/plugins/widget-options/includes/widgets/ p on line 129

    Same notice about 12 times


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Marcel,

    The PHP notice points to the “Widget Options” plugin. To confirm, try deactivating that plugin and see if the notice disappears.



    Thanks for the feedback die not even notice the other plugin. I wrote the Support of that plugin

    All the best.

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