Notices when creating a child theme

  • Marcel


    WP 4.8.3
    Graphene V2.0.4

    – Notice: Constant WP_MEMORY_LIMIT already defined in /wp-config.php on line 111
    – Notice: Undefined property: Adsns::$id_base in /wp-content/plugins/widget-options/includes/widgets/extras.php on line 127


    Syahir Hakim


    Those are most likely generated by one or more plugins on your site. Graphene does not define the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT constant. The second notice looks to be caused by the Widget Options plugin.



    Thanks for the feedback, I notified the author of Widget Options plugin
    on the memory limit one that will be harder to find.



    in /wp-config.php I commented the line out with WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and now the notice is gone.
    It was already configured in php.ini

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