Header Image Problem (Version 2.1)

  • Jhule


    After I updated to Version 2.1 my Page doesen’t show the Header Image. I use a child theme. Before I had Version 2.04 and everything was okay.

    I only see a white background and this text: wp-content/uploads/cropped-Header01.jpg

    Is that a bug?

    Greetings Jhule



    Same here http://www.hanni.co.uk

    Also getting large white space under header image on http://www.aboutthemshoes.co.uk



    P.S. That white space referred to above is on mobile only



    HELP! Please, please, please correct this problem! The header image for my blog on my desktop was well displayed in 2.0.4, but with the update to 2.1, all I have is a horrible white space that has totally destroyed the appearance of my blog. What is the problem with these frequent updates that seem to go so horribly wrong? At this rate, I’m going to avoid future updates. Please fix this.



    I went back to the old version.

    But I am more than surprised… no support answers here, versions which have obviously NOT been tested are pushed out. Do you guys want us to switch the theme?



    alpha_DE: Please tell me how to switch back to the old version. If I can’t get this right, I’ll probably scrap Graphene.



    I had luckily a backup and just replaced the theme folder with the old contents… if you don’t have a backup, it might be a problem.



    The link shows correctly but the images are not showing,
    The demo images work, but not the uploaded ones.


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the report, guys. We’re working on this as a priority and will publish a fix shortly.



    Syahir… honestly, did nobody test that before releasing? That was obvious…

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