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    Lets do a little math
    1400px / (2+8+2) = 116 2/3 per column * 8 colums for the middle = 933px, so 900px should fit just fine

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    I see the white space as well in the preview, The site does not show it. So probably the resolution. Based on your comment earlier probably something with the responsive. I would attach an image but its such a pain to do.

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    The link shows correctly but the images are not showing,
    The demo images work, but not the uploaded ones.

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    Well take a look
    when I do custom size at 800px wide, I still have room, so I tried 900px and that seems to fit.

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    I just though of something. Its calculated?
    I use:
    Customizing ▸ Graphene: Display Columns Layout
    Boxed with Layout: 3 columns, left and right sidebar
    Customizing ▸ Graphene: Display Columns Width
    1400px, with 2 , 8, 2 columns
    maybe that is what is limiting “Large”.
    When editing a post I can fit in the middle column (8) a 900px wide image.

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    Not a bad idea.
    I used 2016 theme and compare it against GT
    You see the difference in the “Large” option
    Makes me believe it has todo with the theme

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    Thanks for the feedback, I notified the author of Widget Options plugin
    on the memory limit one that will be harder to find.

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    Nothing happened when I tried that.
    I used FF inspector (F12) and see a lot of mce…
    I do have one plugin called WP Edit but after deactivating, it shows when Editing the Media (image) the large option still being 670×503 instead of the Settings – Media sizes for Large.
    Not sure what next to do.

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    One other question: We upload a 7M pictures via ‘Add Media’ and it automatically create a few different solutions
    Which one is graphene slider using via the featured image? Because it seems the slider loads very slow (image size) ?

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    Some images do show up very strange.
    Please see attachments
    featured image
    then visit and its on the homepage in the slider the 7th image
    This is only on a few pictures, not all of them

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