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    Hi out there,

    I am entering this discussion, because I also wanted to contribute to the localization ‘de_DE’ of Graphene.

    : Did you managed it to help translating the French version via Slack?
    For me this seems to be a mess: You have to manage a complicated registration-process in the fancy, but somehow confusing Slack-messenger. Not Syahir Hakim himself, but *one or two* admins are managing the whole German translation for plugins and themes.

    Within Graphene: Isn’t it possible to activate a translated version .mo/.po on the web-server? I used poedit under Linux, found a few un- or wrong translated strings, but can’t activate the translation.

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    That is, what makes Graphene that great and what I personally appreciate very much: An active and lively communication with the devs: So a big thank you again @Syahir Hakim :).

    Let’s wait and see, what happens within the WP-project.

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    Thanks a lot! I would expect this setting/feature in Customizer > Header-Image, maybe an idea to place it there 🙂

    For your German users the topic in German;
    Problem: Artikelbild erscheint als Header-Image/Kopfbild.
    Lösung: Unter Customizer > Graphene General > Header das Häkchen setzen bei
    Kopfbild nicht durch Artikelbild ersetzen. Setzen Sie den Haken, wenn Sie unterbinden möchten, dass das Kopfbild vom Artikelbild unabhängig von dessen Größe ersetzt wird.

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    (offtopic: We appreciate the Graphene-theme very much but can’t contribute money as an official school. We bought the mobile theme and would do so with the regular one. Is this possible to support you as a developer? hanseschule-oedeme.de)

    I found this hint to change font-style and size of different areas except the fonts of the posts:

    We are working with a child-theme.

    /*hier kommen die neuen CSS-Angaben*/
    @import url("../graphene/style.css");
    /*Google Fonts einbinden*/
    @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,400i,600|Ubuntu:Regular,Medium,Bold'); 

    These lines seems no to have any effect on the fonts in the posts.

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    This thread started in November and the bug is still present. German language version still shows ‘Filed under…’ instead the translated string: http://hanseschule-oedeme.de

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    Thanks for the answer! Can be marked as [SOLVED] !?

    Just to spread the word and with this the Graphene Mobile Theme: The solution in German language ;)!

    Individuelles, angepasstes Menü für das Graphene Mobile Theme:

    Design -> Menüs -> Positionen verwalten. Dort kann das entsprechende Menü ausgewählt oder ein neues Menü erstellt werden.

    Again: Thanks to the developers!

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