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  • drohdekage


    Hi out there,

    I would like to help translating the Graphene Theme (my language would be de_DE).

    It is annoying, that Graphene suffers under insufficiently translation. Searching about the ‘how’ and ‘where’ there are a few different instructions and places. Obviously WordPress integrated the whole translation-process, so the ‘official place’ seems to be here: (Replace ‘de’ with your language-code…)

    But: Translation heavily stucks, translated strings aren’t confirmed :/. How can somebody or myself do this??

    @Syahir Hakim: How can we support this process? It is obvious and from our side highly welcome, that you try to establish a commercial version of Graphene: You did a lot of work here, thanks again so much. But if quality of the non-commercial theme suffers, you probably loose customers.



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi @drohdekage,

    Ever since WordPress integrates the whole translation process, it is largely out of our control. Previously, we used to be able to easily update the translation files with every theme update. This is not the case anymore, and we are also unable to approve or confirm the translation.

    Translations can be confirmed or approved by “translation editors”. I have requested the WordPress German locale team to add you as a translation editor. Each locale team might have specific requirements for adding translation editors, so it’s not guaranteed that they will add you.

    If you have any feedback and suggestion, you’re always free to post it on this forum as we always do read it, though at times it might take a few days before we can respond to it.

    Every major update of Graphene Plus is also always accompanied by major update for Graphene, so rest assured that support and development for Graphene will not suffer. In fact, it is because of the gain from Graphene Plus that we are able to pour in more resources into supporting and developing Graphene further.



    That is, what makes Graphene that great and what I personally appreciate very much: An active and lively communication with the devs: So a big thank you again @Syahir Hakim :).

    Let’s wait and see, what happens within the WP-project.

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