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    The best and permanent solution is to contact the translation editor for your language, and ask them to review and approve the translations. Depending on the quality of the translation and the established guidelines for your language, they might request you to modify some of the translations.

    You can find the list of translation editors at this link:
    Brazilian Portuguese:



    This thread started in November and the bug is still present. German language version still shows ‘Filed under…’ instead the translated string:



    All the german strings are translated, but they have to be approved by a translation editor.
    That’s the problem!


    Syahir Hakim


    All the german strings are translated, but they have to be approved by a translation editor.
    That’s the problem!

    That’s right. I can make a request for them to make you or other German users of the theme as translation editor, but you’ll need to actually show them that you can make good German translation. You can do this by adding some (good) German translation first, via this page:

    Make sure you follow the German translation community guidelines when adding translations as well. See this discussion on for more info:



    I have translated 72 sentences to Brazilian Portuguese a month ago. I only left behind those I don’t know the context. But the editors don’t care to accept my translations.

    Since @popeye13 taught me how to download my translations and use them I’m doing it. At least my installation is properly translated.


    Syahir Hakim


    @skooter, I have requested for them to make you as a pt-BR translation editor for Graphene.



    Thank you.



    I have done all that, but didn’t have success. I read the german styleguide, and the glossary. I have translated all missing and fuzzy german strings (user:Jonas Meier). I converted the whole thing to german formal.
    I joined slack and asked to get PTE or to approve my string but only a small part of my strings have been approved by TEs. I didn’t get any response to my question.
    I can ask once again, but perhaps it is better when the them author asks to assign a user as PTE?



    Seven months after last reply and the bug is still alive. That cannot be, what ist the problem right now?



    Hi, I had already set the language of the website on Dutch/NL in wordpress. It works on posts Read more -> Meer lezen.
    But when you search for items in the search engine in the upper right corner, it comes up with English texts Search results and displays the button Continue reading.
    I saw Dutch wasn’t installed in the languagemap as adviced in Themes-Graphene-Languages so I replaced this map and also deleted the files graphene-nl_NL from the WP-content section. Empties cache, optimized, but no result so far.
    What to do next?
    Thanks in advance

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