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  • Hi Syahir,

    that works – great – I hadn’t done as above but tried it all again and great.

    I am going to add a request idea too over in requests on this menu too


    Hi Syahir,

    tried that and it stopped the sidepanel all together – not there at all



    I have made the three menu items in the sidepanel custom menu here parent and 2 children

    First time of using no problem , click on a child and it opens the page. Return to the side panel to use the menu again, click on the parent to return to that and then the menu becomes a collapse/expand affair, link back to parent no longer working.

    Many thanks

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    And one last thought,

    Is there anyway that the side-panel toggle can be pinned alongside the navigation/jump to category/search when scrolling. It disappears at the moment and given it is likely used for menu items, it would be nice if it stayed along with the other two, so is always accessible?


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    Hi Syahir,

    Wish list and thoughts…

    I love the split strap under the navigation with jump to category and search but would love to be able to customize it as categories are not what I want to offer and maybe this may be the same for others too – i disable it as present so

    Jump to category – be able to swap this out with content of your own choice – menu items maybe, a widget that allows ofr expanded content on click?

    Ability to Change the search to a google custom search.

    Suppose what i am hinting at is a bootstrap idea (?) where we can add in our own content on the left hand side, menu items/text widget and custom search instead up the current jump to category and wordpress search.

    And could the whole thing be movable – say the option like the slider of moving to the bottom of page.

    Maybe mad thoughts but you did ask!

    Thanks again


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    Update on this.

    I have been looking into this in more detail, updated core wordpress files, reloaded graphene, my child theme and enabled and disabled all plugins…and have managed to isolate the problem to the graphene mobile neo helper. Once this is turned on, all excerpts disappear.

    Should this be moved to that forum or should it stay here as it affects the main site?



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    Thanks, Syahir.

    I did think of that route but wondered how you do it for the side panel toggle bar? I looked everywhere for the code but must be missing the obvious.

    Thanks .

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    Hi Syahir,

    I am using genericons font again on a <h> tag on various pages, but have looked and looked at how to put in the fallback for IE9 and older but to no avail. It is not urgent but any hints would be much appreciated.

    An example page is here towards the bottom – related travel pages is the <h>.

    Air | Travel | Koh Chang

    Many thanks for any guidance.

    Happily, the mobile site is now being shown at all times on the android device and of course, no knock-on effect on other devices.

    The problem is/was the switcher and am now using the any mobile theme, not the mobile smart – I had purchased the smart pro but, gave that one up due to the previous problems linked or not linked to the ‘returning to homepage’ which was solved in one of the most recent updates. I am now giving up the standard one too!

    WP super cache is not disabled and so far no problems.

    Thanks for that tip on the switcher, Syahir. Much appreciated.

    The wp super cache disabled via gm neo advanced has not helped thus far, but I will now disable it on the whole site via dashboard plugins.

    I have also implemented the any mobile theme switcher,

    Will report back.


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