Side panel with custom menu – child items cause collapsible?

  • danbailan



    Noticed a weird thing today – custom menu (with parent page and children idented) widget in sidepanel.

    Looks great , testing it out. Go to the child pages, press on the menu item and links all good. Want to return to parent page when on a child page, so click on that (the top item in the menu) and its behaviour has changed. the click does not take me to the page but instead the click causes the menu to collapse jquery style? Click again and it expands. The menu link for the parent page is not active?

    No problem as I can just have the menu items and not indent as children but made me curious as to why?

    Many thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    Can you add a child in one of the menu item in your slide-out panel so that we can take a look further? So far I can’t reproduce the behaviour from my side.




    I have made the three menu items in the sidepanel custom menu here parent and 2 children

    First time of using no problem , click on a child and it opens the page. Return to the side panel to use the menu again, click on the parent to return to that and then the menu becomes a collapse/expand affair, link back to parent no longer working.

    Many thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    Try opening up the file graphene-mobile-neo/js/gmneo.js and make the following changes:

    Line 58:
    - $('.menu > .menu-item-ancestor > a').click(function(){
    + $('#nav .menu > .menu-item-ancestor > a').click(function(){

    Line 73:
    - $('.menu-wrapper').each(function(){
    + $('#nav .menu-wrapper').each(function(){

    Line 82:
    - $('.menu-wrapper .menu .sub-menu').each(function(){
    + $('#nav .menu-wrapper .menu .sub-menu').each(function(){

    Let me know how that goes or if your need further assistance.



    Hi Syahir,

    tried that and it stopped the sidepanel all together – not there at all



    Syahir Hakim


    Make sure you don’t include the - and +. Those are there to indicate the line that needs to be modified. Also, which widget did you use to add those menu in the slide-out panel? What is the version of GM Neo on your site?



    Hi Syahir,

    that works – great – I hadn’t done as above but tried it all again and great.

    I am going to add a request idea too over in requests on this menu too


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