Thank you for latest update

  • danbailan



    Thanks for the latest update – like it and it means that I do not need to manually add latest posts via a widget as I had been doing!

    Still can’t get the extracts to work on the main site due to a clash of some sorts with the neo, but I’ll live with that.

    Thanks again


    Syahir Hakim


    You’re welcome! We’re all ears if you have any ideas for improvements.



    Hi Syahir,

    Wish list and thoughts…

    I love the split strap under the navigation with jump to category and search but would love to be able to customize it as categories are not what I want to offer and maybe this may be the same for others too – i disable it as present so

    Jump to category – be able to swap this out with content of your own choice – menu items maybe, a widget that allows ofr expanded content on click?

    Ability to Change the search to a google custom search.

    Suppose what i am hinting at is a bootstrap idea (?) where we can add in our own content on the left hand side, menu items/text widget and custom search instead up the current jump to category and wordpress search.

    And could the whole thing be movable – say the option like the slider of moving to the bottom of page.

    Maybe mad thoughts but you did ask!

    Thanks again




    And one last thought,

    Is there anyway that the side-panel toggle can be pinned alongside the navigation/jump to category/search when scrolling. It disappears at the moment and given it is likely used for menu items, it would be nice if it stayed along with the other two, so is always accessible?


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