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    I purchased the pro version of mobile smart to use with the mobile theme.

    I have no clue on these things but when used with the mobile theme, there does seem to be some serious problems and they do all occur or seem to occur on the switch to desktop function in whatever form you apply them – on desktop, on footer – it is as if everything gets caught in a loop with my major problem being my front-page sidebar not wanting to appear on my desktop site after turning the switch to desktop on and off in the smart pro (I do use custom sidebars) .

    From the cheap seats, I would suggest not using that function whatsoever at the moment as something is definitely awry and it can cause site wide problems….

    For me, rectifying those problems means un-installing the plug-in and re-installing, but I hope I am not out of line in sending out a caveat.

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    Good stuff, sure there will be other questions and queries but many thanks as always.

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    Thanks for the reply, Syahir.

    I sort of guessed through my research that it was js/css. Probably over my head, though I will take a look around as its (The Guardian) functionality is great.

    My problem is that with my site having clearly defined areas within areas is getting that across on the mobile site in the simplest way possible. Of course, I am not going to use the same dropdowns and secondary menus as the desktop site, but is helps the user to know where they are, so some kind of neat sub menus are needed.

    The select menu itself does not act as a highlighted parent, even if the the pages opened are children – I notice that it reverts to navigate to page the moment you move off the page selected in the menu – I sort of hoped it would stay with the parent until you moved away from its childs?

    Lots to think about…

    Thanks again

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    I will add myself to this one too as reporting it does not seem to work, but just reloads the mobile page. I have disabled all the plugins to see if they were the cause of the problem, but to no avail – in fact, I have gone to a local test environment for my mobile site build.

    many thanks for looking into things.

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    Thanks Syahir for the very prompt response.

    I am pleased that it is not entirely my fault I was getting nowhere fast!

    And you have actually solved the problem with the oh so obvious, of course , we know where we are in the nav as that is the only one visible – the reason to highlight therefore redundant or simply overkill .

    I think I will go with the <select> element as is.

    Thanks again.

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    Sorry, offline for a while.

    I am using the slider and homepage panes on a static frontpage at the moment but playing around with the design, so wnatde the optiosn fo turning one or the other one and off. It is not possible, it seems, but I am probably missing something.

    I am using a graphene before content action hook on the frontpage too. Do you think this would affect things?

    I have turned off the coming soon on the site for now, so you could look.

    Many thanks.

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    Well that is weird then because if I disable my slider, as sure as eggs are eggs, the homepage panes disappear.

    Many thanks for coming back to me Prasanna – sorry for the slow reply.

    I solved the problem in the end just with css and parent/child. Basically I made the pages all children of the koh chang page and then used

    #header-menu > li.kohchang.current-menu-item > a, #header-menu > li.kohchang.current-menu-ancestor > a, #header-menu > li.kohchang.current-page-ancestor > a

    to do the highlighting

    and in the secondary menu used

    #secondary-menu > li.kohchang.current-menu-ancestor > a

    It seems to work now but I have hopefully taken on board your suggestion to and think I get it.

    Many thanks again

    Hi Kenneth,

    Many thanks for your replies – I have settled on using nextgen gallery with the jw image rotator but am going to see if I can play with this image code as well as a possible alternative – all part of the learning curve so great that you have pointed me in this direction.

    On the jw image rotator, i have got it working nicely but want to style it and using my css have put a border round it – the problem is that the image does not sit flush/aligned within the border. So chasing through different forums and search engines, I managed to find an idea with css positioning; absolute. It sits perfectly aligned in the border now but the background, ie the page in which the image rotator sits, only loads about a quarter way behind it. (I am inserting the slideshow using nextgen gallery shortcode in the html of the page itself). I see z-index mentioned to use in conjunction with the absolute positioning but am at a loss as to where to apply it and at what value and even if this is indeed the right solution. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you once again for your help.


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