Android device triggering random switch to desktop affecting all platforms

  • danbailan


    A curious problem.

    When opening my site on an android device (nexus 7), it opens as expected in the mobile version. Yet, as you move through the site, it switches to the desktop version on a random page and is then stuck in the desktop version.

    If I then check on either the Iphone or a windows device, that same page also now opens in the desktop version. If I update said page through the admin panel, it reverts back to the mobile site for that page.

    In effect, once the android device decides to randomly switch to desktop, any page opened is then desktop version on any other device until I reset.

    I have disabled wp super cache as I though this might be the cause and am using smart mobile as my switcher.

    Any help or thoughts much appreciated as it is a very odd problem.

    Many thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Does disabling WP Super Cache help? You might also want to try using the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin instead of Mobile Smart.



    The wp super cache disabled via gm neo advanced has not helped thus far, but I will now disable it on the whole site via dashboard plugins.

    I have also implemented the any mobile theme switcher,

    Will report back.




    Happily, the mobile site is now being shown at all times on the android device and of course, no knock-on effect on other devices.

    The problem is/was the switcher and am now using the any mobile theme, not the mobile smart – I had purchased the smart pro but, gave that one up due to the previous problems linked or not linked to the ‘returning to homepage’ which was solved in one of the most recent updates. I am now giving up the standard one too!

    WP super cache is not disabled and so far no problems.

    Thanks for that tip on the switcher, Syahir. Much appreciated.

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