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  • danbailan


    I did ask this before but have never resolved it.

    My excerpts are awol.

    If you go to category for posts, there is the thumbnail but not the excerpt… or the read more button. i used to use homepage panes but it stopped there as well – same thing, image yes, the rest no.

    I don’t think I am missing something in the graphene options. I look at the excerpts display options and have everything unticked and as none of it applies to my site (at the moment). If it was working again, I would maybe go back to homepage panes and use it to show excerpts in the front page but at the moment it’s obviously not needed.


    Many thanks for any insights.




    Update on this.

    I have been looking into this in more detail, updated core wordpress files, reloaded graphene, my child theme and enabled and disabled all plugins…and have managed to isolate the problem to the graphene mobile neo helper. Once this is turned on, all excerpts disappear.

    Should this be moved to that forum or should it stay here as it affects the main site?



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