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    That tutorial was very easy to follow and really helped me out. I’ve never really taken the time to work with Menus before, but I understand a whole lot more now!

    Thanks again Kenneth, I have now achieved the two different navigation menus in the header and sidebar that I wanted to – and been able to deactivate the Exclude Pages” plugin (not that it was causing a problem).

    All the best,


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    Thank you Kenneth, it’s quite late here now in the UK, but I will have a look through this in the morning. It looks like this will resolve my query.

    Many thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond,


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    Got it working now after I DID’NT add an extra } at the end of the code. Duh!

    It’s a great feature, thanks Syahir

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    Hi Jerry,

    I’m still a newbie to Graphene and a relative newbie to WordPress too. To be honest, I’m not sure about how to control the spacings when using the header codes, as I don’t tend to use them much. Occasionally as a sub-header, but that is about it.

    My problem was with the lines between the paragraphs being too close, not too far.

    You can see examples of bad spacings (in my opinion) at – where the top half of the page has just a tabbed space and the bottom half was achieved by using the break code. But I couldn’t get anything inbetween.

    Now on the Home/Welcome page, using the other coding, I have managed to get more flexibility on the spacings and a more aesthetic look.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help


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    This was the solution I was looking for to be able to add the slider function to my theme at

    I installed plugin and nothing appeared in my slider either – just the box. I added this coding to my functions.php file and got a Parse Error – had to ftp upload a “fresh” functions.php file to be able to move on.

    I know this is an old thread so wondered if there is different coding to rectify the problem in the latest upgrade?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Jerry,

    If you mean the line spacing between the paragraphs, that’s a great question and exactly what I have been looking for an answer to. I’m sure there must a CSS answer, but I don’t know what it is yet.

    I have found a temporary solution and that is using the code ” ” – without the speech marks.

    Working in the html editor window, I have found if I just “tab” down to leave a space between one paragrapth and the next it leaves a space similar to the gap between the paragraphs/sentences here on this page.

    By putting that coding inbetween the two lines of text, it increases the spacing by about 50% – by leaving a blank line AND pasting the code below this, it doubles the spacing.

    It’s definitely not the best practice, but it will do the job until someone can offer up a CSS solution. I didn’t find the “paragraph” and “break” flexible enough to give the spacings I wanted to make the page look good enough.

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    I see you have managed to change the colours of the nav menu bar at your site. Myself and a few other on this forum are looking to do the same.

    Could you let me know how you did it please.

    Many thanks


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    I’d be interested in knowing this too – although I haven’t got around to configuring the slider just yet

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    Sorry Kim, it is working now – but I DID log in and out of WordPress several times before I created this post. Not sure what “kicked it in to life”

    I meant I had looked back over all posts relating to image problems back to about 5 weeks ago when the latest upgrade took place. I have used Graphene once before (before I knew I should be creating Child Themes!) and didn’t have the text wrapping problem then.

    Thanks again for responding so quickly

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    Hi Syahir,

    This fix for wrapping text around floating images works great for the Theme style css, but when I reactivate my Child Theme the problem reappears and the text dosen’t wrap?

    I haven’t placed the code…

    .entry-content p {

    overflow: hidden;


    … in my Child Theme.

    I can’t see the problem, or answer in any other post since the latest upgrade?

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