Help! Latest Update has messed up my page display

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    Love this theme, but it really seems every time there’s an update, I have some strange issue pop up. Would love some help. Please keep in mind that I know squat when it comes to CSS.

    After this latest update my AboutPoppy page, and my What Poppy Eats page have gone a little bonkers… here’s my web address:

    The text used to wrap around the top photo. When I go into my wordpress dashboard and look at the page there it looks correct, but for some reason that’s not translating on my blog.

    Like I said earlier, it was fine until I did the latest Graphene update.

    Can someone help. I can send screen shots if you need them.



    Syahir Hakim


    Open up the theme’s style.css file and go to line 882, and delete this code:

    .entry-content p {
    overflow: hidden;

    Yes, edit the theme’s style.css file directly. I’m gonna remove it in the next update anyway.



    Do I just need to count the lines until I get to 882, or is there an easier way to find the line?

    Also I’m under Edit theme, and the title says

    Graphene: Stylesheet (style.css)

    Am I in the correct spot?



    Syahir Hakim


    Just use your browser search function (accessible by CTRL + F usually) to search for .entry-content p.



    Great, thanks!



    It worked but it screwed something else up: If you look at the first article on my page, I embedded some Youtube Videos which are now overlapping the corners of the post… I guess I’ll fix this by somehow getting smaller versions of the videos but I thought you might want to know.



    Hi Syahir,

    This fix for wrapping text around floating images works great for the Theme style css, but when I reactivate my Child Theme the problem reappears and the text dosen’t wrap?

    I haven’t placed the code…

    .entry-content p {

    overflow: hidden;


    … in my Child Theme.

    I can’t see the problem, or answer in any other post since the latest upgrade?



    Im sure You have the code placed in either style.css 🙂

    Check one more time.

    What do You mean with:

    or answer in any other post since the latest upgrade?




    Sorry Kim, it is working now – but I DID log in and out of WordPress several times before I created this post. Not sure what “kicked it in to life”

    I meant I had looked back over all posts relating to image problems back to about 5 weeks ago when the latest upgrade took place. I have used Graphene once before (before I knew I should be creating Child Themes!) and didn’t have the text wrapping problem then.

    Thanks again for responding so quickly



    No problem.

    Sometime IE browsers needs refresh 🙂

    Its wise using Child Theme w/All WordPress Themes.


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