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    Hi Kyle
    I follow the instructions available in this thread. It works perfectly although it’s a pity to be unable to update, good luck!

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    Never mind, I found a way to roll back to previous version and now everything works again beautifully.

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    well, I got it back in shape by removing an ssl plugin!

    Ok, I found the solution to nr. 2 and 4 meanwhile. I am still attempting to solve nr. 1 and 3!

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    I am so sorry, as I mentioned above I am an amateur user. I had no idea this was code dumping, thank you for your patience!

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    thank you so much Kenneth, always so kind!

    I don’t remember why, but at the time I made the website I could not get the editor to work and that’s why I added the Custom CSS plugin.

    That was version 1.7 of Graphene and I haven’t updated the Theme because we have a B&B and I only have ttime to work extensively on the website outside of the tourist season. If I make a mistake and my website becomes very ugly or unusable I am in serious trouble.

    Therefore could you please suggest how I can I keep the changes I made on the Custom CSS plugin? Can I just copy the whole file in the Graphene editor? I should have kept track of the individual changes, but I didn’t 🙁

    Here below is what I have in the Custom CSS box. It does look quite different from the Graphene Stylesheet I see in the Theme editor (my present version is 1.8.1)


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    I am just topping this incase anybody has a suggestion, thank you!

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    thank you Kenneth but with that I could only change the position of the text, not of the slideshow.

    After testing a few more plugins (what a headache) I have now resorted to the following solution

    1) slideshow using Photospace in pages like this one


    2) single pictures using Nextgen in pages like this one


    Now if you could kindly suggest how to add a shadow to both so that they all look like the home page Graphene slideshow I’ll be happy like a kid!

    A million thanks for your patience

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    Hi Kenneth

    thank you for your reply.

    The text is by no means ready, I have just copied it there to have something, at the moment I am just trying to figure out this thing of the slideshows 🙂

    I am using the visual editor as I don’t know much HTML, to build up this website I am just learning as I go .

    Could you please tell me where I should add the code you indicate? I am assuming it should go into the CSS.

    However if I look into “edit plugin” there’s several CSS files




    I also have this one but it says is inactive even if the plugin is activated

    good-old-gallery/style/good-old-gallery.css (inactive)

    #main .good-old-gallery-widget ul.slides,
    .good-old-gallery-widget ul.slides { margin: 0; }

    .go-gallery-container ul,
    .go-gallery-container ol,
    .go-gallery-container li { list-style: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; }

    .go-gallery-container .slides li:nth-child(1n+1) { display: none; }

    .go-gallery-container .flex-direction-nav,

    .go-gallery-container .flex-pauseplay { float: left; }
    .go-gallery-container .flex-direction-nav li { float: left; }
    .go-gallery-container .flex-direction-nav li .prev,
    .go-gallery-container .flex-direction-nav li .next { margin: 0 10px 0 0; }

    .go-gallery-container .flex-control-nav { float: left; }
    .go-gallery-container .flex-control-nav li { float: left; margin-left: 0; }
    .go-gallery-container .flex-control-nav li a,
    .go-gallery-container .flex-pauseplay span { cursor: pointer; }

    .go-gallery-container .title { font-size: 1em; font-weight: bold; margin: 0 5px 0 0; }
    .go-gallery-container .description { font-size: .8em; font-style: italic; }

    /* Cycle specific */
    .go-gallery-container.cycle .go-gallery-inner { display: block; overflow: hidden; }
    .go-gallery-container.cycle .slides { display: block; }
    .go-gallery-container.cycle .slides li { margin: 0; }
    .go-gallery-container.cycle img { max-width: 100%;

    again, here is the page where I am testing the plugin


    as you can see not only the slideshow is completely to the left, but it also sticks to the rest of the text and there is no setting for it

    thank you for your help!

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    thank you Syahir, I hope you are still there! At 620 px I get an emtpy area in Firefox


    but it looks just fine in Safari

    I just can’t find the right size for both!

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