everything broken after switching from http to https

  • titti63


    hi there, I have been in website hell for 24! here is how it looks


    This mess has happened because I have bought an SLL certificate from our hosting company and paid them to install it so not to mess up anything. They moved the site to a dedicated IP and have changed the .htaccess file, to always load the website via https

    As a result however, the site looks scrambled and I can’t find a fix. The provider support guys say it’s because the DNS changes need more time to fully propagate.

    They also indicated to change all the HTTP content in your CSS to HTTPS, but because I am a basic WordPress user I dont know how to do that nor I have been able to find a plugin to do that because, sadly, I have no idea which files I should look at.

    I have used the Better Search Replace plugin to change the tables from http to https to no avail. I have changed the images URLS to https also with no results.

    I would be so grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction to bring it back to functioning order as we depend on this website for our income, thanks!



    well, I got it back in shape by removing an ssl plugin!

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