Problems with navigation, layout and widgets (multilingual site)

  • titti63


    Hi guys

    I have just installed the Neo Theme and I’m struggling with the general functioning of the mobile page, please help me start, it looks like hell! My website is

    1. I’d like to remove the black strip with the graphene symbol above the header, It’s very large and occupies too much space on my older 4s iphone. It’s 12 mm high. I guess I am not the only one using an old smartphone with a relatively small screen.

    2. To gain more space I’d like to move the jump to category and search box in the slide out panel, is this at all possible?

    3. my site is multilingual and i have added the qtranslate plugin in the slide out panel, however I don’t seem to be able to load the corresponding language, the website stays in English.

    4. Header menu does not work as expected when I add submenus. For example I have one page for “cooking classes” and one page for “cooking classes program”. If I select cooking classes I only get the submenu and I can load “cooking classes program” but I can’t access the main “cooking classes” page

    I have more problems but I think these are the most urgent ones, thanks for any help!



    Ok, I found the solution to nr. 2 and 4 meanwhile. I am still attempting to solve nr. 1 and 3!

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