How to revert back to 1.9.x?

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    So I just updated my site to Graphene 2.0.3 and wasn’t expecting it to completely redesign my site from scratch. I backed up the graphene theme folder for just in case and now I’d like to go back to 1.9 while giving myself time to customize 2.0 before making it public. However, my 1.9 backup isn’t working properly. Here’s how it looks:

    My site with 1.9

    For some reason, the main content and the widgets/sidebars on the right are all shoved over to the left.

    What would cause this and how do I fix this?



    Syahir Hakim


    Graphene 2.0 creates a backup of your Graphene 1.9.x settings when you did the update, in case you need to roll back. You’ll need to reinstall Graphene 2.0 again, export the legacy settings, downgrade to Graphene 1.9.x, and import the legacy settings back.

    Instructions here:

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