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    I had the same issue. It’s probably the theme-slider file (v.1.8.3). I removed the new code about /* Preload slider background images */ and the issue resolved. I hope you can find the problem. My coding skills are not that good.


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    Syahir Hakim,

    The first post with tabs is now:


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    I found the culprit on my website. It is the plugin ‘Post UI Tabs’. So it is JQuery related. Still do not understand why the slider animation horizontal works with the plugin ‘Post UI Tabs’ activated. So maybe there is more to it?

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    I have the same issue. Slider animation-horizontal is ok. With vertical it gives a picture and does not slide and fade gives the blank.

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    I found the culprit in the htaccess file. I use the list from ‘Perishable press’ (see: ). The part where you can blacklist bots and certain IPs gave the problem. Very strange.

    There is now an beta 5G-list that I will test, see: .

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    After updating and saving the ‘Mobile Options’, there were no more warnings.



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    Thanks, you learn every day.

    When I use pages for a menu, I will get the normal menu:

    When I put the pages in the section ‘Menu’:

    I get the following:


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    Can you send me an email to I have 1.4b running localhost and i can send some pictures for the issue with the menu.


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    I have found probably two or three bugs.

    In the file loop-post-formats is code missing to get the thumbnail in the image-post (under class=post-format-thumbnail).

    If you make a main menu and a submenu in the section ‘menus’ with pages, the main menu does not work properly. The submenu does. You can now only use pages for a correct main menu.

    The term ‘Posted on:’ from the image-post is missing from the language file?


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    You are correct. I see a container in the ‘Site Summary Panel’ next to the slider with 4 tabs (Latest, Popular, Comments and Tags). I looked closer and it is indeed not a tabbedWidget, but another form of slider.

    However, I still would love to have such a container as a widget in the sidebar of the graphene theme (No sliding). Can you put this on your wish list for future implementation? It would help to tidy-up the sidebar. Thanks,


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