Slider is blank

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    Slider is blank, looks like it slide from post to post but what I can see is white blank window.



    someone? help? pleeeease


    Kenneth John Odle


    It is most likely a plugin conflict. You might want to try disabling plugins one at a time to see if that fixes it.

    On the other hand, the code you are using in the top widget on the right side is very wonky. You might want to try disabling that widget first to see if that takes care of it.



    I disabled all my plugins and unfortunately still the.

    (Now I enabled them back).

    I tried to change the column layout to the with only the content main column and still not work.

    any other suggestion?

    Thanks in advance, Moran


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try getting rid of that widget on the upper right hand side. Its code is generating all sorts of errors when I run it through a validator. You can temporarily disable it by dragging it to the bottom left side of the widgets pane (the “inactive widgets” part).



    Did it (with remove all the right column).

    Still no result 🙁



    Same problem!! Must be a bug as lots of people are having issues with slider and homepanes.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Nope, I just updated my test blog to 1.5.5, using static front page and homepanes and the slider is working fine. Of course, I don’t have any other jquery plugins on that page.



    Can you take a screenshot of your admin panel “slider options” menu page? I’m curious to see what you have set as your default settings.

    Also, are you setting anything on each post/page under the slider options? Or are you just using the main settings page?




    How can I send the screenshot?

    The settings for the post/page are the default. didn’t change them.


    As a C++ developer I know that if something work doesn’t mean that there is no bug, only the opposite is correct – if it doesn’t work even in one end case – there is a bug…



    Just upload it to any free photo sharing site and paste the link here.

    I think what Ken was inferring is that a lot of times it is the users’ individual settings and “tweaks” which interfere with functionality of the theme… rather than errors from the developer. The “bug” commonly comes from the end-user 😉



    I have the same issue. Slider animation-horizontal is ok. With vertical it gives a picture and does not slide and fade gives the blank.



    Here is a screenshot of my slider options. Graphene 1.5.5; WordPress 3.2.1

    Then, on each page/post I want to show in the slider. I use the “page-specific” options under the edit box for the page/post and specify a URL for a custom image.

    And here is my website.


    All is working well. So, I’m thinking you have a conflict somewhere else.



    I found the culprit on my website. It is the plugin ‘Post UI Tabs’. So it is JQuery related. Still do not understand why the slider animation horizontal works with the plugin ‘Post UI Tabs’ activated. So maybe there is more to it?



    Well, I think it mainly depends on which jquery libraries are being referenced and how “nicely” they play together. Sometimes, between plugins, you get no conflict. Other times, you may have one setting over-riding another… and jquery gets “confused” on how to handle the task.

    JQuery is a whole other ballgame 😉

    Does the Post UI Tabs only use a vertical JQuery? If so, that’s probably why your horizontal slider works but not your vertical.

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