Forbidden 403 with standard mobile browser

  • bazonline


    When you use the standard mobile browser (I have a samsung Ace) you will get on my website a ‘Forbidden’. If I use mini-Opera I can enter the site ( ). It has nothing to do with grapheme-mobile, because it occurred already before implementing the theme. It occurs with different mobile phones and either T-mobile, Vodafone….

    If you google you can find items already from 2009. Anybody an idea?



    I found the culprit in the htaccess file. I use the list from ‘Perishable press’ (see: ). The part where you can blacklist bots and certain IPs gave the problem. Very strange.

    There is now an beta 5G-list that I will test, see: .


    Syahir Hakim


    Have you tried using Cloudflare? Among other things, it blocks known bad IP addresses and bots and presented them with a challenge page (in case the blocked IP is a dynamically-assigned IP so legit users may be using it).

    I’ve been using it for several of my sites, and it seems pretty solid.

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