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    Oh, got it. The Menu Setting at the bottom was unchecked. It’s back to normal now. Thanks!

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    Thanks, Kenneth. Are you talking about in Menus under Appearance? It seemed to suddenly happen when I added a new item last night. Is there another Main Menu location?

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    Well that was a little lesson in attached photos. I’m in the habit of pulling in photos through a private dead page, grabbing the code and using it in my widgets. It never made a difference there but it detoured the path so the slider couldn’t find them. I checked the codex and apparently there’s no way to unattach them so I deleted and reloaded and now all’s well.

    It was just a coincidence it happened with all the other slider hoohah. Thanks for pointing out the problem Kenneth. Guess you can mark this one resolved!


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    They’re in my media library on WordPress, with the other ones. I neglected to mention the old slider pages are working just fine, 8 pages in.

    Hmm, I brought up the pictures and though I don’t get a 404 it looks like the path is weird. Thanks for the tip; off to check.


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    Hi, I’m again having problems with the slider too.

    I uploaded the new update to fix the slider being frozen a few days ago. I just uploaded new pages linked to the slider and now their pictures aren’t showing. They’re showing fine in the pages they’re linked to. The slider is set for First Image in Post and is working just fine for the older entries.

    I just deactivated a new plugin I’d brought in since then for Google Analytics, but no change.

    Any ideas?

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    Wow, that worked. Hope I have time later to figure out why that little change was needed, but thanks so much for now!


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    Perfect. That’s exactly what I was looking for; thanks!

    But now I’m back to tab color problems. I tweaked the code you gave me in my child theme and got the hover changed, but when I upgraded to the newest Graphene version, it changed the tab hover back to black. I had a ticker plugin in the header.php file (thanks to the developer for making that so easy in the latest version!), but even with removing it, the colors are still wrong. The other colors are fine. It’s just the hover.

    Any ideas?

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    It unticked the Show Specific Posts button in the Slider pane when I activated 1.5.5. I activated my child theme and ticked it back in. So I guess the protocol is activate the latest version, then reactivate the child theme, right?

    Meanwhile, I now have the Advanced tab and managed to get the ticker into a space below the menu, so I’m guessing with some trial and error I can find the right action hook to get it into the top bar.

    Thanks once again!


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    Well it didn’t all come back. The activation wiped out all the pages in my slider. One step forward and about 20 back.

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    Whoa is right…everything disappeared! But yes I have a child theme and everything’s in there. I reactivated that and it all came back. How do I merge the child with the latest version of Graphene?

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