Adding a ticker to the top bar?

  • saraf


    I put a ticker plugin into my header but would prefer to put it into my top bar. I’m guessing I’ll need code to go into my child theme.

    I’m seeing this code in Firebug:

    <div id="top-bar">
    <div id="rss" class="clearfix">
    <a title="Subscribe to 's RSS feed" href=""></a>
    </a><a title="Visit 's Facebook page" href="">

    According to the developer’s website, the id is id=”js-news”

    Do I just put that into my child theme? The website is

    Thanks for any pointers,



    Kenneth John Odle


    Use an action hook widget area and drag the WP News Ticker widget there. (Try using the graphene_top_bar widget area to start, but you may need to change this.)

    See this tutorial:

    The only difference is that you won’t use a text widget; you’ll just use the plugin widget.

    Good luck!



    It looks like a great article Ken; thanks. I’m excited to try it, but I’m not seeing an Advanced pane under Graphene Options. Is it under General or Display?



    It should be right next to “Display”. What version of the theme are you using?



    1.1.4 Is there a newer one?



    I see there is. off to get it.




    Have you made all these adjustments (we’ve been helping you with) to core files, or in your child theme??



    Whoa is right…everything disappeared! But yes I have a child theme and everything’s in there. I reactivated that and it all came back. How do I merge the child with the latest version of Graphene?



    Well it didn’t all come back. The activation wiped out all the pages in my slider. One step forward and about 20 back.



    I’m seeing about 15 different pages in your slider. Did you refresh your browser?

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