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    I thought I’d start a separate thread about this slider issue. Last week when the slider froze, I uploaded Josh’s copy of the latest version and the fix, which allowed it to start working again.

    Our slider entries have a thumbnail picture and a few lines of text. Last night I linked some new pages to the slider, none of which show the thumbnail.

    I read where the new version has a different default column width, so I tried changing the width of the container to no avail. I’m afraid to start tweaking the columns too much.

    Thanks for any advice,



    Kenneth John Odle


    When I click on “Charlie”, I can see his picture in the page, but when I click on the actual picture of him (at, I get a 404. Are these pictures hosted on your site (i.e., you uploaded them to WordPress) or are they on some other site and you are only linking to them?



    They’re in my media library on WordPress, with the other ones. I neglected to mention the old slider pages are working just fine, 8 pages in.

    Hmm, I brought up the pictures and though I don’t get a 404 it looks like the path is weird. Thanks for the tip; off to check.




    Well that was a little lesson in attached photos. I’m in the habit of pulling in photos through a private dead page, grabbing the code and using it in my widgets. It never made a difference there but it detoured the path so the slider couldn’t find them. I checked the codex and apparently there’s no way to unattach them so I deleted and reloaded and now all’s well.

    It was just a coincidence it happened with all the other slider hoohah. Thanks for pointing out the problem Kenneth. Guess you can mark this one resolved!


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