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    I’ve had the Graphene theme now for a couple of years, working beautifully. Last night I added a menu subitem as usual and suddenly many subitems are showing up in the header, even for many pages that are private and haven’t been touched in months. I’ve gone back to the Menus page in Appearance and can’t find what I changed to make it do this. The menus there look normal except for the fact that not all 10 top-level menus are showing; it stops about 3/4 the way through what used to be there.

    I hadn’t updated WP in a while so I did that this morning, but it didn’t make a difference.

    We’re a non-profit and today’s a big donation day for us, so this is the worst possible timing. Can anyone help?

    Thanks, Sara



    Kenneth John Odle


    Make sure you’re actually applying that custom menu to the “main menu” location. It looks like you haven’t selected a menu and therefore all pages are showing up.

    Good luck with your fund-raising today.

    Moved to support.



    Thanks, Kenneth. Are you talking about in Menus under Appearance? It seemed to suddenly happen when I added a new item last night. Is there another Main Menu location?



    Oh, got it. The Menu Setting at the bottom was unchecked. It’s back to normal now. Thanks!



    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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