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    I have version Graphene 1.6. This Theme’s /js/ folder…Where is this folder? Do I start in the editor and I don’t have this folder! Why is this problem so difficult and the update massed everything up!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Actually it’s not necessarily the update — it’s a situation with the jQuery tools site (which is what powers the slider). A lot of people who said their sliders weren’t operating properly looked just fine to me. It’s probably a coincidence that this happened at the same time as the update.

    Did you read this thread?

    I’m presuming that you did, since you are asking about the /js/ folder. If you FTP to your site, open the “WordPress” folder (or wherever you installed wordpress).

    Inside that is a folder labeled “wp-content”. Open it.

    Inside that is a folder labeled “themes”. Open it.

    Inside that is a folder labeled “graphene” (no numbers). Open it.

    You should find a “js” folder there.


    Kenneth John Odle


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    I was dealing with this problem over the weekend and updated the files according to the post you mentioned; however, I’m noticing (and so are others) that the slider stops working intermittently. Additionally, I have text that is collapsed on the homepage using CSS and elsewhere on the site, and when the slider stops working the CSS collapsed text will not unfold either. It’s starting to make me think that the slider issue is a CSS issue. Thoughts?



    Kenneth John Odle



    when the slider stops working the CSS collapsed text will not unfold either

    You are using the “Shortcodes Ultimate” plugin, which makes heavy use of javascript, and also the “Star Rating” (or whatever–they aren’t nice with their css), which makes heavy use of jQuery. It is likely that one of these, or the combination of theme, is causing these problems.

    Try disabling both of them (and emptying your browser and server caches), and seeing if the problem goes away. Then try first one and then the other separately (again, emptying your browser and server caches in between) to see if things work out okay. You may find that just one of them is causing the issue. If things are okay, then activate both of them and see what happens.



    Here is the issue I’m having. Although I’m not a developer, I’m 100% sure that this problem resides with the last update of the theme and here’s why (I mean this in a light tone):

    1. I do use “Shortcodes Ultimate” (SU) and another plugin in for the star ratings, but I have never had an issue with conflicts until the last theme update.

    2. None of this plugins work in combination on any of my pages except on the homepage when the slider is activated. Then, only SU and the slider might be conflicting and its somehow seizing up both throughout the site. However, this was never a problem until 1.6.

    3. When the slider is deactivated, SU works fine on the rest of the site.

    Unfortunately, neither the SU or the star ratings plugins are optional (unless you can point me to another plug-in that collapses text and plays more nicely with jquery), so the only option I’m left with at the moment is deactivating the slider.



    Hi, I’m again having problems with the slider too.

    I uploaded the new update to fix the slider being frozen a few days ago. I just uploaded new pages linked to the slider and now their pictures aren’t showing. They’re showing fine in the pages they’re linked to. The slider is set for First Image in Post and is working just fine for the older entries.

    I just deactivated a new plugin I’d brought in since then for Google Analytics, but no change.

    Any ideas?



    Hi Saraf,

    Which plugins do you have installed on your site? Also, do you use CloudFlare?

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