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    Thanks. That worked. Still sharpening my CSS.

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    Thanks for the response. At this time I have add-this turned off on excerpts. I will turn on and clear cache for troubleshooting. Thank you.

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    How’s that. Little less “irritating”? I’ll leave it that way for 24 hours.

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    I love the dark layout. It contrasts all the colors you have on your graphics. However, the graphics are clickable. I would link them to either the full song somehow (SoundCloud?), or to a selling or download page.

    This looks to be a “one author” site. I would remove that author information from your posts.

    Prominent display of social networks. Awesome.

    Center your sidebar mixtapes images, or shorten the titles in the sidebar.

    94/100 Pingdom Score. Impressive. Yet the site is 2.7 MB. Any way to further compress the images would help. Smushit plugin maybe? Also, the png and jpg images are not being cached. W3 Total Cache?

    Conclusion: Good job. Overall look and feel keeps me looking for more. BOOKMARKED!

    Check me out:

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    Hi. I took a look at your site. I am no expert,. so please don’t take my “opinions” to heart. They are just that: My opinions. I am only here for the same criticism.

    Let’s start with the Positive:

    I love the vCita pop-up… Gives readers a quick chance to get in touch with you.

    Your menu gives the reader lots of places to go.

    The page is is un der 1MB in size. Smaller the better. However you need some caching. Cloudflare, W3 Total Cache. AWS…

    Lot’s of opportunity to use the social networks. Share, Like, RSS. But make them more prominent.


    The graphics seem to be a little stretched, not proportional to the site, like you forced them to fit.

    Too much white space in footer. add two more widgets, and fill them with anything informational, maybe social.

    The header is too big and a little blurry.

    Hope this helps and maybe gives you ideas fo further development.

    Feel free to comment on my site as well. 🙂

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    Wow, and I am just now noticing. That is too crazy. After 2 restores, including database imports – I hate trying to fix something that isn’t broken! LOL

    Thanks for your quick response!

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    My apologies for my super stupid-ness. It works fine. I am using W3 Total Cache with Amazon Web Services in a “push” setup.

    After I made the changes, I uploaded everything EXCEPT the minified files, since I was thinking I was editing the theme files.

    Once I did that, site is good to go.

    PS. I wanted to do this because my custom css was all showing up in the source. I didn’t like that. Since W3TC minimizes per theme, it was only minimizing my child theme stylesheet, and not the parent graphene css. So I also went in an added that stylesheet as well.

    Thanks for trying to assist!!!

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    I think has something to do with W3 Total Cache and AWS. I am working this out and will update the forum. I wanted to post this so you guys don’t go nuts trying to work on it.


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    @ronangelo – no I haven’t seen that yet. I did see the child theme creation ( page as well as the wordpress codex on creating child themes.

    @josh – childtheme stylesheet is style.css. the folder it resides in is /wp-content/themes/chris-graphene-child, along with functions.php, and rtl.css.

    Just wandering if your site was “really” hacked by Alergian hackers, or is that your real site?

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