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    Just a quick question. Ever since I have been using the Graphene them, I have always utilized the custom css option in the them options page. However, this css is not minified with the rest of my css and js files, and I am up to 139 lines of customizations.

    I am using a child theme, and when I remove the custom css, from options, and place it in the style.css of my child theme, it does not seem to work.

    I place my css after the (optional values you can add: Theme URI, Author URI, Version)*/.

    AM I missing something?



    What is the exact name of your child theme stylesheet, and what is the exact name of the folder where it resides?



    @ronangelo – no I haven’t seen that yet. I did see the child theme creation ( page as well as the wordpress codex on creating child themes.

    @josh – childtheme stylesheet is style.css. the folder it resides in is /wp-content/themes/chris-graphene-child, along with functions.php, and rtl.css.



    I think has something to do with W3 Total Cache and AWS. I am working this out and will update the forum. I wanted to post this so you guys don’t go nuts trying to work on it.




    My apologies for my super stupid-ness. It works fine. I am using W3 Total Cache with Amazon Web Services in a “push” setup.

    After I made the changes, I uploaded everything EXCEPT the minified files, since I was thinking I was editing the theme files.

    Once I did that, site is good to go.

    PS. I wanted to do this because my custom css was all showing up in the source. I didn’t like that. Since W3TC minimizes per theme, it was only minimizing my child theme stylesheet, and not the parent graphene css. So I also went in an added that stylesheet as well.

    Thanks for trying to assist!!!

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