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    Hello Everyone,

    To everyone that’s helped in the past thank you! I just wanted to drop my blog and see what anyone thinks. Suggestions or Criticism is always accepted. It is a Hip – Hop blog. Thanks everyone.

    Emcee Enthusiast



    Compress your header it takes too long to load.



    I love the dark layout. It contrasts all the colors you have on your graphics. However, the graphics are clickable. I would link them to either the full song somehow (SoundCloud?), or to a selling or download page.

    This looks to be a “one author” site. I would remove that author information from your posts.

    Prominent display of social networks. Awesome.

    Center your sidebar mixtapes images, or shorten the titles in the sidebar.

    94/100 Pingdom Score. Impressive. Yet the site is 2.7 MB. Any way to further compress the images would help. Smushit plugin maybe? Also, the png and jpg images are not being cached. W3 Total Cache?

    Conclusion: Good job. Overall look and feel keeps me looking for more. BOOKMARKED!

    Check me out:

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