Feedback Appreciated- I've made some major changes

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    Hi all-

    I’d appreciate some feedback. I’ve made some changes to help simplify my website. Working on adding a newsletter to finish it off is all. But would appreciate other suggestions. Thanks. My website is The Mental Game



    Hi. I took a look at your site. I am no expert,. so please don’t take my “opinions” to heart. They are just that: My opinions. I am only here for the same criticism.

    Let’s start with the Positive:

    I love the vCita pop-up… Gives readers a quick chance to get in touch with you.

    Your menu gives the reader lots of places to go.

    The page is is un der 1MB in size. Smaller the better. However you need some caching. Cloudflare, W3 Total Cache. AWS…

    Lot’s of opportunity to use the social networks. Share, Like, RSS. But make them more prominent.


    The graphics seem to be a little stretched, not proportional to the site, like you forced them to fit.

    Too much white space in footer. add two more widgets, and fill them with anything informational, maybe social.

    The header is too big and a little blurry.

    Hope this helps and maybe gives you ideas fo further development.

    Feel free to comment on my site as well. 🙂



    Thanks Noisegate95-

    Much appreciated. The pics at the bottom are easy enough to fix and I had intended to do so. I had not noticed I had stretched the banner when I increased its size to accommodate a text widget to capture emails for my newsletter. I’ll look into cloudflare as well. I think I have it running on my blog site.

    Yours is very clean. I see what you mean by white space on mine as yours looks better balanced. You might test yslow. Its a chrome plugin that helps let you know where bottlenecks are on your site.

    Thanks again,



    Kenneth John Odle

    I love the vCita pop-up

    I don’t. It’s annoying.



    I did find a way to slow the vCita thing down so it delays more before it comes up. A get a good deal of contact with it. Before when I just used the static contact for it was rarely used.

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