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    Been working on my site for a about 8 months now using this fantastic Graphene theme. I found the forums, especially here, a valuable resource when I was learning how to customize the site. Whether it was troubleshooting css, customizing picture borders, or whatever, I find that the help here is absolutely outstanding.

    I would like to request a few visits to my site, to help me with the overall look and feel. Tell me what you think. Too many plugins, too slow, colors don’t match, whatever. I would really appreciate the input! If anyone has a few moments, please stop by and let me know what you think.

    I would love to offer the same critique on your site, if of course you ask for it.

    Thank you in advance!!!




    Off topic. Consider changing your avatar or change your gravatar’s rating on It’s a kinda irritating image.



    How’s that. Little less “irritating”? I’ll leave it that way for 24 hours.

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