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    One way is to go to Graphene options and then go to the ‘Advanced’ tab. Go to ‘Action Hooks Widget Areas,’ and then select a place that you would like for the script to be, and then save you choice.

    After you’ve done this, you go to your Widgets and you will see a widget that has been created in which you can place your script.

    If you have a child theme with a functions.php file, there are other ways to do it, but this is a simple way if you do not have a child theme.

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    No, it was just one category that could be chosen. I may go download the theme later today and look around and see exactly what it does. It is probably the most complex theme there is, as far as options go, but it is way too many options and it’s just actually gotten a little tacky in my opinion.

    But back on the subject, one thing that I noticed when I would apply a category template to a page, is that Google started promoting them to subpages in the search results. So my site would show up, and then the most relevant pages would show under it, with a couple of them being a page of posts from a certain category.

    I’ll may ask him and see what he says.

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    I was wondering about that same licensing question myself. Very nicely put Syahir. One downside of that though, is that people work their hind ends off and really don’t see much of a profit, except by contributing to a community that is already flooded with so much free stuff, that no one wants to pay for anything, because they think it’s “easy” because everyone’s doing it.

    It kind of devalues my skills and yours too. But then again, there are those out there that have the money and are willing to pay for something done right. Which leads me to a couple of questions that I came here to ask to begin with (which may not be the place, but I didn’t know how else to personally ask you):

    1. How do you rate the company that you have hired to do the work for your sites now, for the whole graphene combination site?
    2. Did they design the wordpress theme that you are using now, or is it a theme that you purchased and they began organizing content?
    3. Finally, where do you recommend that someone go to find decent freelance web design jobs for those wanting WordPress help?

    I went to school for a couple years for an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science with a focus on web design, but I haven’t really tried to find work per se, but instead, have been using Graphene on my own site to modify the heck out of everything so that I could better learn WP and php. Any suggestions? One thing’s for sure, I know Graphene pretty well, lol.

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    Wow. See, that’s why I broke down and asked you, lol. Thank you again for your patience and help. That fixed the problem and saved me a whole lot of time.

    Thank You!

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    Try this:

    .bgimage-excerpt .slider_post h2 a,
    .bgimage-excerpt .slider_post h2 a:visited {
    color: #0000FF; }

    If it’s just the h2 title that you’re changing, that should work. Check out one of the tools in some of the browsers that allow you to check your CSS codes and tweak them live to see what they do. Firebug for Firefox is one of the best. Google Chrome has one built in too. You just right click what you’re wanting and then ‘inspect element.’

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    That makes sense. I wouldn’t change it because of me though. Maybe see what some others think. I’m not hard to please, lol.

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    Well, you’re right it seems. The only difference is that on the main theme, it starts on page one and then moves forward. But on the mobile theme, you have to scroll backward to go through the older posts.

    Take a look at the mobile theme category and scroll down to the paging option and see where it says ‘previous’ instead of ‘next’ on the first page.

    It’s really no problem, I was just curious if it was supposed to be like that.

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    I had this problem with Safari, only on my iPhone, but it showed up correctly in Firefox (using user agent switcher). If you’re ok with not having a gradient background, you can add this to “Custom CSS” in Graphene Neo Options under the “Display” tab (but change the color of course):

    .return-top { background:#8b0000; }

    This just replaces what the theme does with the linear gradient which is:

    .return-top{background:linear-gradient(#8b0000, #8b0000)}

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    Got it fixed.

    It was caused by an option in Yoast’s plug-in called `Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks.’

    To be fair though, that option in the SEO plug-in does say that it breaks many plug-ins and that if you start having problems, that is the first thing to check.

    I’m good now though. Thanks Again!

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    I tried resaving the settings by going to the default and then saving them, and then going back to the custom structure, but that didn’t work. I had a problem the other day when I removed W3 Cache, and had to resave the permalink settings then. You think something may be hanging around left over from the W3 plug-in?

    I will disable Yoast’s SEO plugin and do try to resave permalinks and then re-enable that plug-in. I will see what I can come up with.

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