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    Hi Syahir, i de-activate all the plugins (6) terminate de website and start again; negative. Than i re-activate all the plug-ins, terminate and start again: negative. The behaviour is the same. Regards Henk

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    Hi Josh, i updated the Theme to 1.5.3 on my local server (smart !!) and see the folowing: At creating a new page the template is set to: one column no sitebar?? althow the standard setting is 2 columns. If i turn the template to standard and safe the page i see the standard template what is correct. At ediditing that page again the template is set again to one column no sitebar so not remembering the standard template and that is wrong!!. The page should remember the stored template. I hope you can do something with this.

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    No i did not yet. Waiting for the all the comments and feed back. Do you think that this will overcome the problems?? Regards Henk

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    Hi Josh, thanks for your reaction. Standard the page coloms aere set to 2 coloms. The most of the pages (childs) are created however as a one colom page. When i edit an one colom page as a ADMIN than every time i have the page atribute set from standard to one colom. After saving the page the page attribut is automatically set to the standard again. This occured after updating the Theme to 1.5.2

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    Hi again, when log-in as an admin when editing an existing page having one colom is turned to the theme standard template (two colom)after saving the page which is very nasty. Log-in as a auhtor nothing goes wrong

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    Hi again, “problem” seems to be disappeared ??

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    Hi Syakir, the pop-up window shows: script error in (regel)line 75 and (teken)sign is 96. It shows the file: /Graphene/js/PIE.php Hope it is usefull to you. Further it should be nice if you could determine at the page defenition whether the page should be printable yes or no.

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    Hello Ken, you are great!!It has been resoved thanks for your help


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    Hello Kim,

    i changed the file sprite_h1.png” with fireworks and override the image see


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    Hello Kim,

    i found that the plugin:TinyMCEadvancer offers extensions on the standard editor for tables and named anchors etc. Great feature!!!!


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